Other Resources

To ensure clients are compliant, we have provided information in respect of resources which may help them improve and enhance their systems and we have provided links to websites which may help them in their own research of issues that arise on cases.

Document Packs, Webinars and Technical Support

Information on our document packs, technical support service and webinars (for CPD) can be found at The Compliance Alliance.

Also, Aryza (formerly VisionBlue) use our checklists, document packs and diary work programmes and as a client of Aryza these resources would be available to you without any costs apart from the category 1 disbursement fee per case.

Analysing Bank Statements

SIP 2, DCRS, CDDA and the Covid investigation burdens are all work an IP must undertake on cases. To lighten the compliance load the team at Prism 339 Ltd have made software to help an IP to meet their obligations, but also identify transactions to overturn and enhance recoveries. Their software receives banking data via their secure portal and converts this into Excel, where it is corrected and then analysed in the ways needed by the insolvency community for compliance/litigation to recover dispositions.

Anyone wishing to use the service can visit Prism 339 Ltd for a free demonstration of the software. The normal cost is only £200 plus VAT per account.

Useful Resources

Technical and compliance information is available from various resources for free and we have provided links to these resources which we hope you will find useful: